Artist: Alan Parkinson, Architects of Air

The monumental luminaria, is an opportunity to immerse yourself in radiant light and colour. The luminaria are inspired by natural forms, geometric solids, Islamic and Gothic architecture. Each new creation is a maze of winding paths and inspiring domes where the visitors may lose themselves in sensory bliss.

Due to limited capacity Daedalum is a ticketed experience. Tickets may be purchased in advance online or on site during the festival. Tickets are available here.



Artist: Abram Santa Cruz  

Electric Dandelions are magnificent sculptures crafted from sturdy steel, translucent polycarbonate, and vibrant LEDs. By day, these towering structures captivate with their representation of a dandelion in full bloom. However, as the sun sets, they transform into a breathtaking spectacle—an ever-changing fireworks display that enchants the night. 


Artist: Anaisa Franco Studio

EXPANDED IRIS is an interactive installation that invites people to look through a SPACE IRISCOPE, which scans the user’s Iris and projects a metamorphosis of its iris mixed with Galaxies and Nebulae. 

The project invites people to look at their own micro-universe of the iris and find similarities with the macro universe of Galaxies while having a biometrics eye scanning experience. The work is composed of custom biometric software and a parametric 3D-printed telescope that has a camera inside it. 


Artist: Nicholas  Lavella

Fences is an interactive light installation, where patterns are generated by the motion of foot traffic along a custom LED display. The 72-foot long and 7-foot high artwork creates lighting effects through color, shape, and brightness across almost 9,000 individually controlled LEDs. As viewers walk along the path, video tracking creates patterns that are displayed alongside them. Fences is powered by an interactive video tracking system which creates generative patterns in real-time. With a variety of looks and color palettes, the installation changes through the night.  


Artist: Dohm Collective Live Music and Silent Disco Showcase

Dohm Collective and @artsneworleans proudly present Organic: a four night live music and silent disco showcase in the heart of @lunafete featuring local New Orleans collectives, labels and artists. Explore the roots of your local music scene, create and share your visual experience, and grow your understanding of self and surroundings.


Artist: Monica Rose Kelly and Antonia Zennaro

a floating world of light + shadow inspired by the resonant frequencies of Nature

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla

These floating printed organza panels illustrate the sound frequencies of 345hz, 1033hz, 1820hz, 2041hz, 3240hz and 3835hz. They represent the visible form of music, as seen through Chladni figures, also known as nodal patterns. These patterns emerge in water, salt, and sand when vibrated at specific resonant frequencies.

The spiral or swirling energy in this universe shapes flower patterns, whirlpools, spinning galaxies, and our own DNA. Every sound assumes a specific geometric form and every geometric pattern in nature vibrates at a particular frequency.


Artist: Young Artist Movement

The Young Artist Movement welcomes Luna Fête 2023 visitors to our “YAM Light Bearers” illuminated experience! Join our young artists for live video art and a dance party featuring original content created under the guidance of Lead Digital Artist Monica Rose Kelly. Soundscapes will be provided by FUNKE, with appearances by the Roots of Music drummers. The youth welcome you to dance with their shadow flags created with artist Antonia Zennaro. They will also feature art created by system-involved youth with artist Quentin Ward. Check out their creations at the YAM Art Market, including jewelry, original paintings, and more!


Artist: Monique Lorden (@1985Poet)

This light art sculpture by artist and author Monique Lorden is a piano storybook that tells the harmonious narrative of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. Each element symbolizes what the community enthusiastically expressed and values. The piano hood contains bespoke laser cut poetry that echoes the sentiments of our Lower Nine neighbors and casts shadows of those words onto the land it stands upon. To be “Tethered to the Land” is to be rooted in soil rich in history, community, love, and much more. 


Artist: Marcus Brown

The Enslaved Drummer Boy is an interactive musical figurative light sculpture that shines a light on the musical lineages of enslaved people in Algiers Point. The sculpture depicts a young enslaved African boy in translucent glass-like material standing tall on a Djembe style drum. The lower section is touch interactive, allowing the user to trigger sounds and light. The artwork provides an interactive way to educate the public on the history of the first Africans in Louisiana.  

Algiers Point during the 1720s was the musical and cultural gathering location for enslaved Africans from Algiers and New Orleans before the time of Congo Square in the 1800s. The enslaved Africans who lived in Algiers Point created cultural and musical traditions that are echoed in our contemporary culture today. This sculpture will be incorporated into the national series titled Slavery TrailsSlavery Trails is a musically interactive site-specific augmented reality (AR) installation series based on slave ships and enslaved people, placed on historical sites throughout the United States. Slavery Trails is a decentralized memorial to slavery in the United States. For more information on the project check out 

This sculpture is part of the City of New Orleans’ Percent for Art Collection and will be permanently installed in 2024 in Algiers. 


Carlos Luis Zervigón

Once completed, “Coming Home” will be a house of traditional New Orleans design sitting on stilts that raise it to safety, but also place it on another plane of existence, one that is timeless and ever-present. At night it will glow from within with the warm light of home. On its porch will be a figure coming home, returning to the warm light. The house represents the entirety of the Lower Ninth Ward, its history, people, culture, and traditions. The stilts of the house will be made from steel and sculpted to resemble tree trunks. The house is thereby supported and lifted by the land and the ancestral natural environment.  

This in progress sculpture is part of the City of New Orleans’ Percent for Art Collection and will be permanently installed in 2024 in the Lower Ninth Ward.  



Artist: Emmanuel Bruins

Emmanuel Bruins is a Memphis born New Orleans transplant. He loves to experience joy through the expression of others. Joy to Me is Your Joy is a long term project that is just emerging. Bruins reveals the innerworkings of personal joy in his projected interviews. Visitors are hopes to collect numerous interviews to help everyone understand their joys bring others joy.

will be on the spot live interviews “What 3 things that Bring you Joy?”

Projections include Full Moon rising interludes by Muffin Bernstein


Artist: Muffin Bernstein

Bubbles are fun and Muffin Bernstein loves to create moments of joy. Muffin will help people to pose in front of the bubbles to create ephemeral creations of whimsy and delight. She also has interludes of the full moon in between “Joy to Me Is Your Joy.” She has been photographing the full moon monthly for more than three years.

Ignite joy and photograph yourself and loved ones within the bubbles.


Artist: Muffin Bernstein

Projections include Full Moon rising interludes, taken from Bernstein’s commitment to photographing the moon each month for the past three years.


Artist: Robyn Myres and Tia Green

Butterfly Trees will be expressions of artistic joy by anyone who wants to scratch the surface and share the their personal joys and pleasures.

Participants will be able to contribute to a community installation. Crafted and strung with ribbons from the trees these butterflies will engage others in creating visual memories and decorate the space with joyous intentions.


Fashion Designers


Artist: VanShawn Branch

Artist: Van Shawn Brand

A brave branch building a brand, KAYIE.

VanShawn Branch has been a tailor since 2003. After Hurricane Katrina, he went on a thirteen year hiatus from the fashion industry. Returning in 2018 with his first cruise collection, the slow, sure, reemerging journey began.

Fast forward, the artist is in residency at SALON Gallery +Artist Studios located on the second floor of Canal Place in Downtown New Orleans. Awakening, Branch’s 2024 Wearable Technology, is on the theme of Moment of Becoming.


Artist: Renée Johnson

New Orleans native Renée Johnson is a
fashion designer, costume designer, and modiste. She is the owner and designer of Afri Modiste, a ladies couture fashion brand where culture meets couture. It is an homage to the culture and traditions she grew up seeing in New Orleans.

Renée is interested not only in preserving the fashion culture of New Orleans but also in elevating it, as seen in her popular, fashion-forward illuminated designs.

Food Vendors

The Cultured Vegan


La Milpa

La Vie En Rose Café

Fresh Fruit Sensations

Mo Fries